The bacterium that wiped out millions in Europe in the Black Death pandemic of the 1300s lives on, and officials say it's resurfaced in fleas in Arizona. 

Navajo County public health officials warn on Facebook that Yersinia pestis, better known as the plague, can be transmitted to humans and other animals through bites by infected fleas or via direct contact with an infected animal. 

Taylor, AZ – Navajo County Public Health officials have confirmed that fleas collected in the Taylor area have tested...

Posted by Navajo County on Friday, August 11, 2017

The officials ask locals near Taylor, Ariz., to leash dogs, regularly treat pets to protect against flea bites, stay away from rodent burrows, and use insect repellent. Infected people tend to experience weakness, headaches, chills, fever, muscle pain, and swollen lymph glands within two weeks of exposure, reports Live Science.

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