"Fix the Bricks" of the Pump House

The dilapidated Pump House barely survived a demolition threat by becoming the "haunted house" for the Jaycees. Eventually it was turned into the free public art gallery it is now...but it needs help again.

Director of the Pump House John Payne explains the reason for their "Fix the Bricks" campaign. He says the original renovation focused on the interior, and the building didn't even get gutters.

Donations can be made through the website "The Pump House." You can also learn more on their Facebook page.

The photography show is ongoing at the Pump House, and the "Artists of Color" show has its opening Friday, June 2nd.

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Part of the 1988 effort to turn the dilapidated old pump house into the Chillicothe's Pump House Center for the Arts, from a binder in the art gallery.

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